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Indie Filmmaker Unveils Plans for Savannah Studio Project


An indie filmmaker announced plans on Thursday to build a new film studio in Savannah, Ga., which he hopes will turn the coastal city into a hub for major studio filmmaking.

David Paterson, partner at Arcady Bay Entertainment, said the new studio will be the first one in the city built specifically for film and TV production. The Savannah College of Art and Design operates three sound stages in a converted meat-packing plant, and recently announced plans to expand the facility.

Paterson hopes to break ground in September on the new project, called KAT-5 Studios. He said that major productions often use Savannah for exteriors, but then are forced to shoot interior scenes on sound stages in Atlanta…

Paterson got to know the area as a member of the advisory board of the Savannah Film Festival, and said that during the pandemic he decided to try to make the project a reality. He partnered with Taylor Owenby, another independent film producer, and they have garnered local support and investors. In an interview, Owenby was circumspect about the cost of the project, saying it would be in the $25-50 million range.

“We are starting small at first,” he said. “What happens from there depends on the success of the market.”

The team was also cagey about the location of the project, other than to say it is within the Savannah city limits. In an email, Paterson said they are still looking at negotiating for adjoining parcels. See more at Variety.


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