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Filmmaker Tosca Musk moves her base to Georgia


The lure of Georgia’s film tax credits has attracted Tosca Musk to move her production company to Georgia.

And that’s not all.

Tosca Musk, the younger sister of entrepreneurs Elon and Kimbal Musk, also is moving her permanent residence to south Fulton County and locating her production office in Palmetto.

“Yes, we are in the process of moving our company to Georgia,” Musk wrote in an email. She currently is in Los Angeles, but she should be back in Georgia sometime in August.

Her film company and streaming service – Passionflix – adapts romance novels for films and television shows, according to Ali Straub Whitaker, director of marketing and public relations for the company. Whitaker and her family have already moved from Los Angeles to Peachtree City.

“A big reason for the move is the wonderful tax credits for filming in Georgia,” Whitaker said. “We all discussed it as a team. We wanted to be someplace where we could go with our families and have a better quality of life and where would it make sense for us to film.”

Musk co-founded Passionflix in 2017 with a couple of friends. It is a word play on Netflix, but it is a streaming service that appeals to women who enjoy romance novels and romantic films and television shows. See more at Saporta Report.


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