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Kat-5 STUDIOS set to attract film and television productions, employ local talent


With the demand and need for sound stages and production space in Savannah growing, the news of a new studio opening in December 2022 was welcoming news and the talk of the town for the film community in Savannah.

SAVANNAH STUDIOS LLC announced plans for KAT-5 STUDIOS, a first of a kind, sustainable, state-of-the-art sound stage and equipment rental house complex in Savannah.

Groundbreaking plans are set for the beginning of September.

Screenwriter and Producer David L. Paterson of Arcady Bay Entertainment and producer/entertainment executive Taylor Owenby of ISP Global Capital is leading the project to bring the studio to Savannah.

“Our goal is to provide a resource for the industry, community and our environment,” said Paterson. “Many years of research went into our design and we are excited KAT-5 is moving forward with this incredible group of professionals.”

KAT-5, the studio’s name, refers to the building’s distinctive design elements; the complex will be built to take a direct hit from a Category 5 hurricane. The studio is designed to serve as a staging ground for FEMA responses to state and federal declarations of emergency.  See more here.


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