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Ghost Gaming Acquires Esports Content Organization One Percent


Ghost Gaming announced it has acquired the esports content organization One Percent and appointed the One Percent Chief Executive Officer, Julian “Aeolus” Castro, as Managing Director of Content and Community for Ghost.

Ghost Gaming has a history of success in esports, with professional players earning millions in tournament winnings. Currently, it’s fielding highly-ranked North American teams in Rocket League, Fortnite, Apex Legends, PubG Mobile and Valorant.

With this transaction, Ghost expands to become the leading platform for popular gaming content creators in the South, with a vision of being Atlanta’s home team for gaming and esports.

“Ghost is the voice of Atlanta’s gaming culture, reaching the most coveted but otherwise elusive audience of 13-34 year olds,” said Andrew Steinberg, Chair of the Board, Ghost Gaming.  “One Percent amplifies our audience throughout the South as a lifestyle brand, and we have other acquisitions on the roadmap as we cement our position as a next-generation, digitally-native media company.”

The organization, One Percent, was founded in July 2020 by some of the most popular content creators in the game Fortnite.  In under one year, One Percent grew their YouTube channel to an engaged subscriber base of over 1 million people.  The One Percent individual content creators, all residing in the South, have also developed large individual fan followings via their gaming media content.

“We are excited to welcome Julian, and the entire One Percent crew, to Ghost Gaming, “ said Todd Harris, Partner at Ghost Gaming.  “Their community growth has been astronomical, fueled by engaging gaming content and personalities.  We’re confident their digital properties, and the people behind that content, will accelerate our growth as a gaming lifestyle brand.”

Prior to founding One Percent, Julian Castro was Director at Luminosity Gaming and before that, the Founder and General Manager of Obey Alliance.

“This acquisition is incredibly exciting as we have come together to form a new powerhouse in the gaming media industry,” said Julian Castro, Founder and CEO of One Percent and Managing Director of Ghost. “I strongly believe that we complement each other and have a foundation upon which to build an amazing story.  The future is very, very bright!”


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