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More young women seek careers in booming video game industry


As more colleges offer scholarships for students interested in careers in the booming video game industry, more girls are jumping on board.

Some of them are right here in Georgia.

In 2018, the Georgia High School Association officially recognized Esports as an official sport. Currently, 141 Georgia schools are enrolled in GHSA Esports.

CBS46 recently got a glimpse inside Renee Waters’ classroom at Whitewater High School in Fayette County. Waters is an animation teacher, chair of the Career and Technical Education Department, and the varsity coach of the school’s Esports team.

“It’s not your typical sport,” Waters said. “It’s a season just like any other sports. We have a fall season and then we have a spring season.”

The roughly 30 students on her squad break into teams that compete with other schools in games such as League of Legends and Smash Bros.

Waters said parents are often skeptical at first.

“To parents, it’s always been, ‘They’re just playing a video game. They’re up there, been playing for hours,’” she said. “No, they are developing skills, particularly problem-solving skills.” See more at CBS 46.


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