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The Third Floor and The Imaginarium Studios Launch Joint Services at Trilith Studios


Motion capture and performance capture/virtual production studio THE IMAGINARIUM STUDIOS, known for its cutting-edge work within Film, TV, and Games, and preeminent global visualization studio THE THIRD FLOOR announced today new world-class visualization and motion capture services from Atlanta’s international filmmaking hub TRILITH STUDIOS. The strategic alliance sees best-in-class motion capture and visualization services from the two industry leaders now accessible to clients under one roof, in a unified production setting. Among the many projects both companies have collaborated on is the recent box office hit Venom: Let There Be Carnage, directed by The Imaginarium Studio’s Founder Andy Serkis.

Andy Serkis said, “I couldn’t be prouder of all the team at The Imaginarium Studios aligning with the hugely talented people at The Third Floor and I know The Imaginarium Studios, along with The Third Floor, are in good hands at Trilith Studios!”

“It’s a huge honour to work alongside the performance capture team at The Imaginarium Studios,” said Lauren Moore, Chief of Staff, The Third Floor, Inc. “Our companies have worked jointly through the years – harking back to projects such as Avengers: Age of Ultron, to bring motion capture and visualization synergies that help clients advance their creativity and technical production. This alliance further enhances the long-standing visualization and virtual production services and team presence we have day to day at Trilith, which we recently also expanded with our new Trilith-based Atlanta Tech Hub.”

Imaginarium Studio’s CEO Matthew Brown noted, “Working in tandem with our friends at The Third Floor will create a seamless experience for our clients. Expanding our footprint to North America will serve to strengthen what we at The Imaginarium Studios offer, and open the door to even more opportunities for productions using our services worldwide. This announcement is a giant leap for The Imaginarium Studios, and for motion capture.”

Frank Patterson, President and CEO of Trilith Studios, noted, “These are the kinds of best-in-class companies our productions look to for performance capture and visualization. We are excited to have Imaginarium Studios and The Third Floor join our Creative Technologies District as we continue to grow our ecosystem of thought-leading companies at Trilith Studios.”


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