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Mill Creek Computer Science Club develops video games for kids with autism


A group of students from Mill Creek High School’s Computer Science Club have developed a series of educational video games created exclusively for young people with autism.

Led by senior Taeho Park, MakingGS is an effort to allow high school and middle school students with autism to enjoy a variety of video games in an atmosphere that promotes education and acceptance.

“A person on TikTok whose son is autistic and he said that when his son plays video games, he’s playing in a very toxic environment,” said Park, 18. “Some people say very negative things to kids with autism, so I want to make an environment where it’s safe and fun to play video games.”

Park and his eight-person team have created three video games and have posted them on their website ( They’ve also teamed up with several other school groups – including Girls Who Code Georgia Tech, a group from Spokane Valley Tech High School in Washington State and Atlanta-based Midtown High and Sutton Middle schools. See more here.


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