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Meet the 1st Black woman to own a major movie studio in Georgia


Every year, Georgia seems to become more represented at the Oscars as more production studios set up in the state.

One new studio in Fayetteville is not built yet, but it’s already making history. The woman behind it will become the first Black woman to own a major studio in our state.

“We are excited about being a part of this Georgia film industry that has just exploded over the years,” said Tammy Williams.

Williams is the owner of Cinema South Studios. She will soon be making history as the first Black woman to own a major production complex in the state of Georgia.

Channel 2 got a first look at the new 80+ acre site located off Highway 138 in Fayetteville. The $135 million project will spread over 1 million square feet, and it will house about 17 buildings that will include sound stages, warehouses, two lakes, a back lot, prop house and a three-story office building and that’s not everything.

“We’re talking about thousands of jobs, coming to the state and we’re talking about millions of dollars coming here,” Williams said. See more here.


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