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Four Leading Entertainment Production Companies Open Centralized Hub for Film + TV Industry


In Concert Productions (ICP), an Atlanta-based company, announced it is opening The ICP Production Centre, a 30,000 square-foot, one-stop-shop for all entertainment industry production needs. Featuring a group of global behind-the-scenes industry giants in set design, staging, dry-hire broadcast, and A/V rentals, ICP, All Access, ATOMIC and SoCal Rentals will come together under one roof and serve as a hub for the industry, giving way for large scale production and entertainment events in the region.

“Knowing that LA, NY, and worldwide based producers and tech managers needed familiar names and the type of guaranteed service they were accustomed to, ICP brought together friends in the industry under one roof,” said ICP CEO Jay Rabbit. “9 times out of 10, we were all working together on the same productions anyway – so, now we can share sales, support personnel, transportation resources, shared rental equipment, warehouse staff and other vital resources to guarantee a product that is expected.”

The idea for The ICP Production Centre came from Georgia’s exponentially expanding TV and film opportunities. Yet, there was a lack of direction to help outside producers find capable support companies who could stay compliant with the GA Film and TV Tax Credit laws. With longstanding relationships with All Access, Atomic, and SoCal, ICP recognized the need and ease that a shared space would provide these companies, especially during a global pandemic and launched the idea of The ICP Production Centre.

While All Access has been working in the market for years, the company recently announced its outpost expansion plans into the Atlanta market. This move gives All Access the opportunity to work closely with companies it has for years, expanding its influence even further across the region.

“It is an exciting time for us at All Access! Atlanta is a unique situation for us, all other All Access operations have been stand-alone. This is the first time we are sharing a warehouse and resources,” said All Access Vice President Robert Achlimbari. “The Production Centre offers us more space to expand our local inventory of core rental products and services and alongside the other well-known brands offers great opportunities as we look to future growth within the local market.”

Each organization involved brings a wealth of experience and unique skill sets to clients in Atlanta and beyond. The Production Centre gives LA, NY, and any world-based tech managers, EICs, and production companies the same level of equipment and labor support they expect when filming in their home base locations.

“ATOMIC is absolutely stoked to team up with some stellar companies in the live entertainment industry. The new campus and distribution center will serve as a creative hub for live events, as well as a great logistics point to serve Atlanta, Nashville, and the entire Southeast,” said ATOMIC’s Director of Marketing, James Kelly.

For SoCal Rentals, the move to a shared space was a no-brainer. The industry has seen immense growth in Atlanta over the last couple of years, and for SoCal specifically many of their existing films and broadcast clients are in both L.A. and Atlanta.
“These are all companies we’ve done business within the past so it’s nice to come together and share resources under one roof,” said SoCal Rentals Director of Business Development and Marketing, Brad Williams.

In an industry that thrives and prides itself on collaboration, these partnerships will increase opportunities across the board. The new purpose-built facility is in west Atlanta and is convenient to downtown Atlanta and a short drive from the area’s largest studios. The ICP Production Centre will not only continue to grow the film, TV, and entertainment industry’s footprint in the South it will provide exceptional service and production that will change the game in the South.


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