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South Georgia Film Festival returns with more opportunities


The South Georgia Film Festival is back for its sixth year at Valdosta State University.

The annual event has become a hub for filming in Southwest Georgia and includes major films, religious movies, and documentaries.

The South Georgia Film Festival is where anyone looking for a place to network or find an opportunity should be.

“It’s just the whole melting pot of all elements in the industry. So, no matter what you’re doing like I said actor, director, editor, you’re going to find someone to connect with and network with,” said Honnie Korngold, co-founder of South Georgia Studios and Film Academy.

This film festival is considered a gateway for young filmmakers trying to get into the industry as people who attend will get the chance to meet people who act, create films, and produce them.

Chatejah George, one of the speakers at this event, said she came a long way after struggling to find an opportunity.

“My advice is to just go ahead and get out there and make the content yourself. You can also get on actress access and there’s a lot of auditions out there and they are helpful,” said George. See more here.


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