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‘She Keeps Me’ @ Atlanta Film Festival 2022

Erica Orofino’s film ‘She Keeps Me’ is being featured at this year’s Atlanta Film Festival. The film depicts the relationship between two sisters that reaches a dangerous climax in this exploration of family ties, mental illness, and self sacrifice. Check out the teaser trailer here. 
‘She Keeps Me’ won Best Canadian Short (2022) at the Pendance film festival in Toronto.It is currently making the rounds in the festival circuit. 
More on Erica Orofino: 
Her latest comedy short, titled Hanna Has H*rpes is currently in post-production and explores (and makes fun of,) the misconceptions and stigma surrounding sexually transmitted infections.
Her first short Fantome (2017), wowed audiences at genre film fests including the Bloody Mary Film Festival (2018) and the Women in Horror Film Festival (2017). Fantome was also developed as a feature length screenplay which landed in the top 15 projects nationwide in Cineplex’s Cinecoup film accelerator program. Her first comedic short film Tampon (2019) wonthe Audience Choice Award at the Vancouver Short Film fest, and was nominated for BestComedy at the Austin After Dark Film Festival. She was nominated for Best Writing at the Women In Horror Film Festival (2020) for her script, A Noise That Carries (2019). 

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