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RoadShow Africa Launched to Serve African Film Projects Seeking Opportunities in Georgia and Beyond


RoadShow Equity Partners is pleased to announce the launch of RoadShow Africa, the first platform to offer investors the opportunity to participate in a diverse portfolio of risk-mitigated media projects involving filmmakers from Africa engaging with Georgia.

RoadShow Africa recognizes and supports the growing number of African filmmakers by representing this talent in the American market to ensure they receive equitable compensation for their work and have access to advanced educational programs, distribution, and international collaborations.

“When meeting with political leaders and influencers from the African continent in recent months, it became apparent that there is a need for representation and expertise that we could offer in Georgia,” said Jim Munson, CEO of RoadShow Africa. “RoadShow Africa invests in African projects, works to distribute these projects, and collaborates with directors and producers exploring ways to take advantage of all the opportunities Georgia has to offer including tax incentives and workforce diversity.”

The company is already aligned with Nigeria, the Ghana International Chamber of Commerce, and other organizations. Munson continued, “RoadShow Africa’s mission is to foster international collaboration and encourage African leaders and governments to explore film opportunities available in Georgia and beyond their own borders.”

“Film has increasingly become the most valuable tool for the expression of our identity as Africans,” said Amina Smaila, the Consulate General of Nigeria in Atlanta. “The marginalization of African and Black filmmaking has led to longstanding historical injustices and distortions that must be corrected. I commend the efforts of Roadshow Africa in initiating a platform that provides a space to showcase films by Africans and people of African descent and, more broadly, to express African creativity at its best.”

“Georgia and especially Atlanta has always had an attraction to me and other filmmakers from Africa,” said Joseph Benjamin, an advisor to RoadShow Africa and acclaimed actor, song writer and producer originally from Nigeria, now living in Atlanta. “I have enjoyed working with the team at RoadShow Africa and look forward to bringing even more opportunities to Georgia.”

On October 20th, RoadShow Africa will have its premier in-person reception featuring panel discussions with top industry experts, film showings and awards, and attendance by government organizations, international dignitaries, and Georgia students and independent filmmakers. Saprea, a nonprofit organization focusing on child abuse healing and prevention, has been designated as the charity of choice for the upcoming event. More details will be announced soon about the October 20th event.

For more information about RoadShow Africa, please visit For more information about investing, partnering or supporting RoadShow Africa, please email Madeleine Smith at media (at) roadshowafrica (dot) com


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