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Columbus woman beat cancer and acted in movie with husband – and John Travolta


Alex Tyra was 4 years old when she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 1997. During one of her hospitalizations to treat the cancer in her blood and bone marrow, she had a vision while watching TV.

“All of these beautiful people were on screen walking around in this big building with a marble floor and lots of light, and a calm came over me, and I knew that I’d be OK and that nothing really bad would happen to me,” she said, “and I looked at the people on screen and thought, ‘I want to be there some day, in a place like that with people like that.’” Twenty-five years later, her husband Clint, said, “she’s been cancer-free for 20 years and she’s on screen and is a beautiful person who gets to be in a movie with John Travolta.” See more.



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