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The Royal, Shot in Augusta, To Be Released This Month


Film Augusta is excited to announce the release of The Royal, which filmed in Augusta in 2019, in theaters and on streaming platforms July 15, 2022.

The Royal tells the story of former Kansas City Royal slugger Willie Mays Aikens’ promising career which quickly turned disastrous because of drug addiction. This comeback story reveals the hardships of drug addiction on Aikens, his family, and how he eventually returns to the KC Royals. Most of this production was filmed in Augusta and the immediate area.

The Royal generated an estimated local spend of $600,000 in 2019 and according to IMDBPro had a total budget of $4.5 million. “In addition to hiring local crew, The Royal generated economic impact in Augusta by paying local location fees, housed crew in local hotels, hired several local background extras and utilized additional local services,” said Jennifer Bowen, Film Liaison, Film Augusta.

Film Augusta was instrumental in attracting this production to Augusta by securing Augusta locations, navigating the production through the use of local resources and in connecting the production to local crew and support services.

The Royal was the last production to utilize the former Augusta Law Enforcement Center at 401 Walton Way as a primary location for filming.

According to producers, The Royal will play in theaters in a small number of select cities and stream on Vudu, Apple TV, and Pay Per View initially.

Film Augusta is planning a private, invitation only, screening event on July 27 at 4:00 at Riverwatch Theaters and invites media coverage. More details about the private screening will follow. Please put July 27 at 4:00pm at Riverwatch Theaters in your assignment calendars.

For further information please contact Jennifer Bowen, Film Liaison, Film Augusta,


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