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Anticipated Demand Prompts Expansion for Athena Studios


Early response to Athena Studios’ purpose-built, state-of-the-art space for TV and film production prompted the purchase of 65 acres adjacent to the original 45-acre site for additional stage, support and vendor space.

Ready to host productions of all sizes in March 2023, Athens-based Athena Studios is the latest addition of high-quality studio space in Georgia. The additional land, purchased last month, will make Athena Studios one of the largest production studios in the state. The land will provide immediate additional backlot acreage for the stage space currently under construction. 

“Athena Studios’ decision to choose the Classic City for their new production space is yet another signal that our state’s film and television industry is thriving and creating quality jobs for hardworking Georgians across the state,” said Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp. “We’re proud to be training more Georgians to be decision-makers in film and television production, keeping their talents in our state, and we look forward to this industry’s continued success in the Peach State.”

Designed with input from Hollywood experts, Athena Studios will initially offer 82,000 square feet of column-free space on four stages. Each stage is a sound-proof box lined with Insul-Quilts and features a state-of-the-art, silent air conditioning system. The studio will have 98,000 square feet of support space, including 28,000 square feet of office space, up to 30,000 square feet of mill space, and up to 40,000 square feet of flex space. 

“We’re stepping up to meet the industry’s demand,” said Joel Harber, CEO of Athena Studios. “We’re proud to play such an important role in Georgia’s TV and film industry, bringing opportunity to the hundreds of crew and experienced vendors in and around Athens.”

Built on more than 45 acres of land, Athena Studios has an expansive, secure backlot that offers a variety of spaces to build sets and film outdoor scenes. Athena Studios is partnering with John Raulet of Raulet Property Partners, the industry’s go-to expert on matching Georgia studio space with productions, and Cinelease, led by Gannon Murphy, which provides top-quality lighting and grip equipment, power distribution, grip trucks, expendables and heavy equipment to productions around the country.

Athena Studios has a direct pipeline to newly created and local industry workforce through its partnership with UGA and the Georgia Film Academy. UGA and GFA will have their own 14,000-square-foot learning center adjacent to the Athena Studios campus which is dedicated to developing film industry professionals in Georgia. 

“From tentpole franchises to independent films, Athena Studios has everything today’s productions need,” says Harber. “We have a new facility, the right partners and a great community. It’s all right here.”


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