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Hi friends and Family, hope this finds you happy and well. I’ve been thinking about how the recording industry has changed so dramatically over the past century. Over 5 generations, we’ve seen the wax cylinder, the 78 rpm (revolutions per minute), the 45 rpm, the cassette, the 8 track, the DAT, the 33 rpm vinyl LP, the CD, and now, “air.”  Music and other programming are streamed or downloaded worldwide with only a picture of the selection to identify it. The photos I’ve provided show the early beginnings of recorded music. The gramophone, with its lovely brass horn, played the music of acts like the Ernest Stevens Trio on Edison Records. This was from 1924, and you had to wind up or crank the Victrola. The “Gramophone Company” was the predecessor of RCA Victor. Think of all the music that has been created over this time period. Planet Earth Recording Company has been proud to be a part of this music. The musicians and composers of Palomino Duck have made their contribution with the 32 original songs on their three albums, First Flight, Free Flight, and their latest, Smooth Flight.

Trammell Starks not only arranged, engineered, co-produced, and mastered Smooth Flight, but he also composed the title song, Smooth Flight. We call him our “resident genius.” Here’s a Q&A with Trammell:

Q. Trammell, first question: What’s been keeping you busy lately?
A: “Over the past few weeks I have been busy finishing Dolby Atmos mixes for the Michael J Thomas project. I am also excited about the new Dolby Atmos mix for ‘Smooth Flight’! More to follow on that . . .”

Q. You’re also a professor at a particular university, teaching in the field of audio engineering/production, correct?
A. “Yes, I begin teaching another semester for Oklahoma State University later this month. OSU has just commissioned its new recording studio and I look forward to working with these talented kids!

I’m also looking forward to recording a classical album at the newly renovated Ford Hall at Berry College with Dr. Kris Karlisle on piano, and Gary Paulo on sax. This album will feature previously unrecorded contemporary classical pieces – all written by female composers. The album will be recorded and released in Dolby Atmos – showcasing the beautiful acoustics of the new hall.

Q. You composed, performed, arranged, engineered, and co-produced the title song of the “Smooth Flight” album. What inspired you?
A. “The inspiration for “Smooth Flight” was primarily to write a song that serves as an energetic link between the beautiful atmospheric piano-driven tunes on the album and the more jazz-oriented tunes that feature a full band. I think “Smooth Flight” accomplishes that.”

Give a listen to Trammell’s “Smooth Flight” along with many other great Palomino Duck originals. And thank you for following the News from Planet Earth Recording Co. Till next month,

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