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Apply for the Silv-E Awards by Sept. 15, Indie Game Development


Now in its fifth year, the Silver Award for Excellence in Indie Game Development offers a $1,500 prize pool plus recognition for great new games.

Silv-E Eligibility and Rules

  1. The Silv-E awards are opened to games that had 10 or less developers and a budget of $10,000 or less. The game must be either unreleased or have only entered distribution in the current year.
  2. Entries must have the rights to and allow the GGDA to freely livestream their games and put video of them online. Entries must be willing to discuss their game development with the Silv-E winners. Entries must provide judges ways to play the game.
  3. Games that have already won a Silv-E award are not eligible in future years, but the developers can enter new games and sequels.
  4. No game can win more than two Silv-E categories. The “Best Game” winner is not eligible for any other award.
  5. To be eligible for the “Best Student Game” award, all developers must have been enrolled in an accredited school (college or lower) during the development process.
  6. The submission must not contain material that promotes bigotry, racism, hatred or harm against any group or individual or promotes discrimination based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age; and
  7. The GGDA reserves the right to reject any game from consideration for a Silv-E award.
  8. Submitting your game for consideration indicates your acceptance of these rules.
  9. Current awards include: Best Game $500, Made in Georgia $100, Best Production $100, Best Design $100, Most Fun $100, Best Student Game $100, Best Analog Game $100, Best Audio $100, Best Art $100, Audience (SIEGE) Choice $100
  10. Apply HERE

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