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Augusta: Local Economic Impact of Film Reaches $1 Million by Mid-Year


August just ended, but Augusta has already seen Christmas come and go. Feature film “Christmas Party Crashers” for BET+ was filmed in Augusta during late spring/early summer. This project, in addition to a few smaller commercial productions, have kept the film industry going in Augusta this year.

Several inquires have been fielded from production companies such as Netflix, AppleTV, MarVista Entertainment and several independents. The Georgia Film Academy classes in Augusta got off to a great start with several students in the inaugural class this January. Classes are offered through Augusta Tech and taught at Indiegrip by local film industry veteran Terrence Williams. More classes are planned in this year and Film Augusta is committed to helping promote those opportunities to students in an effort to grow the local crew base. See photos of the inaugural class below.

The rest of 2022 looks promising for film in Augusta. We are counting on one more production to carry us through year end. We continue to bolster awareness of Film Augusta on social media and through local media outlets. We’ve increase our social media presence by adding LinkedIn and are more active on FB and IG. Be sure to follow us in all of these outlets via the below icon links.

Registered Film Projects

1 “Small Tales from the Kitchen” webisode

2″Behind the Black Diamond” indie feature

3″VeryVera” 300th episode

4″The Real Caddies” UPS commercial

5″America’s Caddie” webisode

6Law firm commercial

7″James Brown: Say It Loud” documentary

8″Christmas Party Crashers” indie feature for BET+

9″Catfish” MTV Reality Show

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