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Call out for $8.5 million movie filming in Macon, Georgia, this fall


A Hollywood production team is setting up temporary offices in downtown Macon to film a major motion picture backed by big names and benefactors that bankrolled the $8.5 million project.

“Possum Trot,” not a secret code name but the title of the film, tells a powerful tale of 22 families in a small Black church congregation who adopted 77 of the area’s hardest to place foster children.

Writer/producer Rebekah Weigel sees the film not as just a movie, but it’s a movement to reverse the “foster crisis in the child welfare system.”

It was that story that uprooted Weigel and her co-writer and director husband, Josh, from their Hollywood home and planted them in East Texas last year. They started going to church in Possum Trot, just outside of Center, Texas, to capture the essence of the people who agreed to love and care for some of the most vulnerable in their society.

Rebekah Weigel wants the message to inspire the audience to do the same. She sees the film as more of a movement than just a movie. See more here.


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