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Level 77 Music Launches New Film and TV Scoring Division, Sonic Score


Level 77 Music, a leading, independent production music company, has launched a new division called Sonic Score that will provide original scoring for film, television, documentaries, games, and other entertainment projects. The new entity aims to deliver studio-caliber original music while capitalizing on Georgia’s production tax incentive program, which offers credits of up to 30 percent for work produced in Georgia.

Founder Patrick Avard says that despite the growth and diversification of the production and post-production industries in Georgia, the state has lacked a one-stop source for original music. Sonic Score fills that gap by offering a range of music services including original scores, theme songs, and show packages across all genres, styles, and media. It also provides world-class production services and has established relationships with composers, producers, session musicians, orchestras, and engineers in Georgia and worldwide.

“We are excited to bring top-tier music scoring to Georgia,” Avard said in a statement. “We have a talented staff and robust resources to service projects of all sizes and scopes. We believe that our presence will encourage more productions to come to Georgia by allowing them to address all their creative needs in one place.”

Sonic Score debuts with a pair of award-winning, Atlanta-based composers, Mark Kueffner and Luke Truan, both of whom have deep experience in film and television. Kueffner has written music for such shows as The BachelorThe BacheloretteFatal AttractionFear FactorAmerican Greed, and Homicide Hunter. He is a 25-year industry veteran with experience across all aspects of composition and production and whose film scores span genres from dark horror to playful, magical children’s music.

Kueffner says that Sonic Score could reverse a trend where Georgia-based productions go to the West Coast for scoring. “Our goal is to keep post-production for high-quality films and shows in our state. Patrick has an excellent vision for accomplishing that and I look forward to it becoming a reality,” Kueffner said in a statement.

Truan is known for cinematic scores, soundtracks, and arrangements with credits including the films Swipe ClubNo Words, Just Love that Man, and Chic Nu Legacy, and the series The Hidden TruthShark Week, and Sydney Harbor Force. He is a multi-instrumentalist who frequently experiments with new orchestral techniques, hybrid instruments, and sound and instrument combinations. See more.


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