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“Lifemark” movie shot in Columbus opens nationwide


It’s been three years since the faith-based movie “Overcomer” was released nationwide on the big screen. That movie was shot in Columbus. It was produced by Alex and Stephen Kendrick, the award-winning movie producers from Albany, Georgia.

This weekend marks the debut of another Kendrick brothers film called “Lifemark.” It was also shot in the fountain city. The seed for this latest movie was planted in their minds three years ago. Alex recalls, “We had just finished “Overcomer” in 2019 and we got a call from Kirk Cameron. Kirk (who starred in the Kendrick brothers movie “Fireproof”) said you guys have got to look at this short little documentary called “I Lived on Parker Avenue.”

The Kendrick brothers were so moved by the documentary, they teamed up with Cameron to produce “Lifemark.” Cameron says it’s a true story about a single, 18-year old girl who delivers her child and places her son up for adoption. Cameron plays the role of the adoptive father. See more here.


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