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2022 Augusta Film Report


Courtesy Film Augusta 

September to December

Director Scouts Augusta for Future Projects

In December, we hosted Atlanta-based filmmaker and actor Stefan Dezil on a locations tour to familiarize him with Augusta locations for his future projects. Dezil was introduced to Film Augusta via an ongoing relationship with Hollyshorts cofounder Daniel Sol. Locations visited on the tour included Daniel Field airport (hanger photo below), the Augusta Canal, Indiegrip Studio, the Lovers Lane industrial area, and Augusta University’s Summerville campus.

Four Locally-Made Movies Premiere in 2022

Augusta was on the big and small screen often, with four film projects premiering this year.

  • Agent Game – streaming now on Showtime and Amazon Prime
  • The Royal – opened to limited release in theaters and streaming now on Tubi, Amazon Prime, Vudu, and Redbox
  • Applewood – streamed during Catalina Film Festival (official festival selection)
  • Christmas Party Crashers – streaming now on BET+

Christmas Party Crashers Streaming Premiere

To celebrate the November 17 streaming release of “Christmas Party Crashers” on BET+, the crew of the film attended a screening at Le Chat Noir, hosted by Marvista producer Mark Crump. Read and article about the premiere in Augusta Good News or view the gallery on Facebook.

Applewood Screening at Riverwatch Cinema

In early October, the cast and crew gathered at Riverwatch Cinema to watch historical fiction thriller “Applewood” on the big screen. This film, shot completely in Augusta in 2021 with lead actors and an estimated 30 crew members from our area, is currently in the film festival circuit and was recently a selection in the Catalina Film Festival. Congratulations to all involved in this wonderful local effort, many of whom are pictured in the above photo! Click here to view the photobooth gallery.

Film Location Gallery Upgrades

Our team received training in ReelScout, our film servicing software, and upgraded the features we offer to productions as a way to level up the customer service they receive.

One of the new features of our locations gallery is the ability to send tailored locations to a prospective film project by culling a list of Augusta properties that match their location needs and emailing them the custom gallery to their email.

In addition to this new feature, we also are in the process of adding hundreds of new locations thanks to a partnership with Mark Crump from our film advisory panel. The below photo is an example from an open inquiry we received in 2022 asking for locations in Augusta that could double as Tulsa, Oklahoma for several script locations.

To allow for more accurate long-term reporting, in 2022 we stopped counting low-impact commercial productions and news-gathering crews. Because of this, 2021 inquiries and registrations are much higher. We will end 2022 with a much higher overall economic impact than 2021 and will go into 2023 with a better year-over-year data comparison set.

2022 Registered Film Projects

  1. “Small Tales from the Kitchen” webisode
  2. “Behind the Black Diamond” indie noir feature
  3. “VeryVera” 300th episode
  4. “The Real Caddies” UPS commercial
  5. “America’s Caddie” webisode
  6. Law firm commercial
  7. “James Brown: Say It Loud” documentary
  8. “Christmas Party Crashers” indie holiday feature for BET+
  9. “Catfish” MTV Reality Show
  10. “Mr. Sleep” indie thriller (shooting in January 2023)

2023 Film Objectives

  • Actively recruit new productions
  • Provide exceptional service to productions in Augusta
  • Pursue production hub/sound stage
  • Expand Reelscout locations gallery into robust project recruiting and tracking tool
  • Help promote GA Film Academy
  • Attend a film festival
  • Collaborate with Augusta film partners
  • Continue to meet with film advisory panel
  • Maximize memberships in Association of Film Commissioners International and the Locations Managers Guild International
We continue to bolster awareness of Film Augusta on social media and through local media outlets.  We’ve increase our social media presence by adding LinkedIn and are more active on FB and IG.




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