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More Investment: Georgia Music Partners Shares Bipartisan Study Findings


After reviewing The Joint Georgia Music Heritage Study Committee’s final report, released in December 2022, Georgia Music Partners (GMP) is excited to share its findings, including several significant investments designed to support and expand the state’s music industry. Among the recommendations are the creation of a more competitive tax incentive, the establishment of a Georgia Music Office within the Office of the Governor, and grant opportunities for local musicians and other industry professionals. Studies show that today, the industry is $5 billion strong and responsible for more than 70,000 jobs.

“We wholeheartedly support these recommendations and look forward to working with our elected leaders to bring them to fruition,” said Mala Sharma, President, Georgia Music Partners. “We’ve seen with other states that music is an industry that provides tremendous job growth statewide and isn’t limited to just major cities.”

The committee, which met in Macon, Athens, and Atlanta last fall, heard testimony from a wide range of industry professionals, all of whom emphasized impact on the economy, workforce development and education.

“We’ve seen first-hand what can happen with the right support through the growth of the film and television industry. Given our existing assets and leaders, there’s no reason we cannot see the same positive results with the music industry,” added Senator Jeff Mullis. “We applaud Georgia Music Partners’ continued advocacy of Georgia’s rich and diverse music industry professionals.”

Georgia Music Partners, formed 10 years ago to advocate on behalf of the industry, worked with Senator Mullis, Chairman Carpenter and other leaders to create the committee during the 2022 legislative session and study ways to make a bigger impact on both the economy and current and future professionals who call Georgia home.

The final report included the following recommendations:

  • Establish a competitive music tax incentive allowing out-of-state productions to invest in Georgia-based talent and businesses
  • Establish a dedicated Georgia Music Office and music commission
  • Establish music grants for independent musicians and businesses
  • Encourage designation of music industry production and development jobs as High Demand Careers

“We’re grateful for the thoughtful and thorough effort put forth by the committee – they were willing to listen, and it’s clear they understand the opportunity that exists for our state,” concluded Sharma.

Georgia Music Partners (GMP) is a not-for-profit advocacy organization with the mission to promote the growth and success of Georgia’s music industry through partnerships and workforce development. GMP has been instrumental in leading efforts at local, city and state levels, from conducting economic impact studies and white papers, to passing the Georgia Music Investment Act in 2017. GMP continues to work proactively with city, county and state leaders to advance policy and legislative initiatives to protect, grow and market opportunities for 70,000 music industry professionals around the state.


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