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Rep. Kasey Carpenter talks about the film tax credit, Getting educated on the benefits, Other ideas


State Rep. Kasey Carpenter, R-Dalton, said he wants to bring Georgia’s booming film industry to Northwest Georgia and educate citizens on how the industry benefits the state as a whole.

“It’s hard, a lot of times, for our area, North Georgia, to understand the impact of the film industry because a lot of it happens around the metro (Atlanta) area,” Carpenter said in a phone interview.

Carpenter has been appointed chairman of the House Creative Arts & Entertainment Committee for the new legislative session…

Rep. Mitchell Horner, R-Ringgold, said he wants to end the tax credit and is presenting a bill that ends the tax credit’s transferability. “To give a contrast, this ($1 billion) is half of transportation funding, 10 times the state tax job credit, or the cost of providing every private and home-school parent the funding equivalent to public school spending,” Horner said in documents relating to the legislation…

Carpenter said he was skeptical about the film credit at first and knows where Horner is coming from, but he changed his mind after he learned more about the state’s film industry. When asked about any changes to the film tax credit that he’d support, Carpenter didn’t offer any specifics but said there’s always conversations to be had. See the complete article from the Chattanooga Free Times Press here.


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