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Aquaman netted a fantastic catch in the heavily polluted Yellow Sea and made $93.6 million in its first global market, China. That was enough to make it the number one film worldwide. Jason Momoa stars as the title character, an Atlantis prince who has to save the Ocean from nuclear submarine riding pirates and earn his people’s respect after being cast out for being half human. Major markets due to open next week include the UK, Mexico, and Russia, while the US won’t see this film in theaters until December 21.


The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival reveals an early look at some of the films to be featured at next year’s 19th annual festival, Wednesday, February 6 through Tuesday, February 26, 2019. With a diverse collection of international and independent films from over 20 countries, attracting nearly 40,000 moviegoers, the festival offers an expansive experience that takes audiences on a journey around the world through film.

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