Brandon Osterman’s Post Production Master Class

Whether you’re an editor, post-production artist, producer or director, the methods demonstrated in this course will provide you with the skills to maximize your budget, get the most out of your footage and make the best possible version of your film.

Film: Why can’t Oklahoma be the next Georgia?

“When people got fed up with filming in L.A., they moved to Louisiana. When they got fed up with filming in Louisiana, they moved to Georgia. Everything’s filmed in Georgia now… So our attitude is, ‘Why can’t Oklahoma be the next Georgia? Eventually, it’s going to be too expensive to film in Georgia.”

Revamped Lucas Theatre programming features variety

Since SCAD unexpectedly assumed control of the day-to-day programming and operations of the Lucas Theatre a few months back, there has been a notable and impressive uptick in the frequency and variety of cinematic presentations on the giant screen.

Georgia Film Selfie Spot Tour Announced

Georgia Tourism announced the launch of its new program, Georgia Film Selfie Spot Tour. The self-guided tour aims to highlight Georgia’s rapidly growing film tourism sites across the state. The program will run through the end of the year.

Game Jam at Columbus State University

Teams will have until Sunday afternoon (September 10th) to develop games and a presentation for their game. You and your team will have 48 hours to create a game…sleep is optional and recommended.

Pandora, RIAA & Soundexchange Applaud ‘Pre-’72’ Bill

SoundExchange would distribute royalties for pre-‘72 recordings played by Internet, cable and satellite radio services just as it does for post-‘72 recordings.  Currently only sound recordings made after 1972 receive payments from digital radio services under federal law.

Can’t Get Enough of Ozark? See Where it Filmed in Georgia

Poised to become Netflix’s next hit show, Georgia-filmed “Ozark” tells of a Chicago financial advisor involved with money laundering. After a business deal with a drug cartel goes south, he and his family escape to the Missouri Ozarks so that he can pay back his former boss.

Could an $80 million tax credit bring more movies to Ohio?

Visions of a boundless economic boost have led GCFC to push for an $80 million annual incentive. While the current credit has lured its share of movies and television programs, a larger incentive would attract more productions and allow for creation of soundstages, production offices and additional filmmaking infrastructure.

Group of senators reviewing tax exemptions and incentives

The committee’s work will likely span several years, with lawmakers taking up the larger tax incentives first. Albers said the group, which the Senate created during the most recent session through a resolution, will consider whether some incentives are worth expanding and whether others should be discontinued.

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