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Georgia State University Names Inaugural Varsity E-sports Team Rosters


Georgia State University has named the rosters of its inaugural varsity esports teams, part of the expanding field of competitive gaming at the collegiate level.

The university started its esports program this academic year, joining more than 30 other universities in the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE) and other Georgia academic institutions in the Georgia Esports League (GEL). Georgia State’s teams will compete with other collegiate teams playing the games Brawlhalla, League of Legends and Smite. Other teams will be added as resources become available and interest supports new teams.

Students selected as members of these teams are held to a high academic standard and must maintain eligibility at levels required for a HOPE Scholarship. They must also adhere to the university’s Student Code of Conduct.

The varsity teams, listed by game and their roles in their respective games, include:

Brawlhalla (GEL)

2 vs. 2 players: Cory Barthlett, Jason Zhang
1 vs. 1 player: Xeryus Lee

League of Legends (NACE)

Top: Brett Doster
Jungle: Brian Ngyuen
Mid: Kevin Le
ADC: Asim Baghadia
Support: David Yi

League of Legends Second Team/Substitutes

Top: Jason Doering
Jungle: Raymond Siu
Mid: Jason Doering
ADC: Jeff Havis
Support: William Holtz

Smite Team (NACE)

Solo: Curtis Lovegren
Mid: Andrew Giuong
ADC: Praful Gade
Jungle: Anthony Lieu
Support: Elizabeth Shuford

Smite 2nd Team/Substitute

Support: Anthony Hsia

Beyond game play, esports efforts include student participation in broadcasting, production and marketing of esports and tournaments, coaching, student management and game development. With this support to game play, students are gaining experience that will help them in enhancing their education and preparing for careers.

The university will broadcast competitions through the streaming Twitch platform at


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